Volume Lash Extensions are also known as Russian Volume Extensions, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D Extensions or 3v, 4v, 5v, 6v  Lash Extensions.

Using micro-fine extensions of up to 70µm in diameter, hand crafted fans of varying volume are expertly created right before being precisely adhered on one of your individually isolated donor lashes. 

This specialized Volume technique creates the unique opportunity of an enviably dense lash line with a deliciously soft, fluffy finish so light you can't even feel yourself wearing them.


Volume Lashes are the ultimate in lash Design technology and the most superior for your Native Lash health. Alchemy Suite would be reckless to offer anything less.

Fluffier. More beautiful. Healthier. Volume Lashes out-perform Classic (or 1D, 1x) Lash Extensions in all dimensions: density, comfort, wearability and health for the native lash. Because of their incredibly light weight and unique bonding application matrix they are practically weightless. In fact, many humans say you can't even feel yourself wearing them.

Once you go Volume, you'll never go back.



When you arrive you'll be asked to complete our history form and discuss what aesthetic you're wishing to achieve with your Volume Lash Extensions. We have the ability to create a unique look and profile for you ranging from the beautifully natural to the ultra glamorous.

Siting in the chair, you will be smoothly reclined back into a neutral position after the consult. Alchemy Suite then uses a hypo-allergenic medical tape to secure your lower lashes.  After a quick cleanse of your lashes, we start applying your damage free Volume Lash Extensions, bloom by bloom, to acceptable donor lashes until your desired fullness is achieved.

Lash Extensions should be a comforting, painless procedure and often Alchemy Suite clients will fall asleep for a little midday lash nap and wake up feeling rejuvenated and glamerous with new, beautiful lashes.


Your new set of Volume Lashes are worry free, weightless and water proof. With regular fills and a little hygiene know-how, Alchemy Suite Volume Lash Extensions can become part of your everyday look for decades to come. Alchemy Suite does recommend booking your Lash Fills for every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness and beauty of your Lashes.

In the Alchemy Suite Care Guide, you will find a few instructions on how to take care of your Volume lash Extensions. One of the most important factors with all Lash Extensions is to avoid products containing oils and use only water soluable make up and make up removers such as Micella Water. Excess oils near the extension's bond site will cause the extension's adhesive to dissolve and result in premature shedding of your investment. 

PLEASE NOTE: Alchemy Suite does NOT fill other salon or studio's Lash work.


The volume achievable with Classic Eyelash Extensions is limited to the number of  suitable native donor lashes a person has naturally. Humans with thin and sparse natural eyelashes aren't able to achieve a voluminous look with Classics due to inevitable lash damage the weight of a heavy classic extension would cause to the the native lash. 

Volume Lashing means we are now able to safely boost your eyelash density to 3-6 times that of your native lash volume without the damage as one 5D fan weighs less than one common Classic Extension. The final flexibility and ultra-light weight of Volume Lashes comes from the micro amounts of adhesive used to adhere the Volume Extension to your Native Lash; eliminating all ugly and messy adhesive build-up, uncomfortable/painful wear and scraggly/unkempt look commonly associated with Classic Lashes after medium to long term wear.