Shampooing Your Eyelash Extensions



Demodex Folliculorum

Demodex Folliculorum

Shampooing your Volume Lash Extensions is the single most important thing any Human can do to care for their Eyelash Extensions. Without doubt, washing your Lashes is the biggest contributor to keeping them biologically compatible, securely attached and in the lightest, fluffiest, most gorgeous condition possible.

Humans new to the Volume Lash experience commonly feel overly protective of their new investment and resist touching their new Eyelashes at all costs in fear they're going to shed. Now, while it is true that you don’t want to unnecessarily touch your lashes, we encourage you to understand you MUST shampoo them in order to keep your native lashes healthy, prevent bacteria build up, and ultimately, keep your extensions on.

Regardless of how much makeup you wear, cleansing should be a quick nightly ritual incorporated into your shower routine. So how do you clean your Volume Eyelash Extensions without ruining them?



  1. Any gentle, oil-free cleanser is okay to use for shampooing your lashes but Alchemy Suite recommends using Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Its gentle on eyes, oil-free and  will do the trick to remove cosmetic and biological buildup in your lashes. Besides aesthetics, wearing dirty extensions by neglecting to shampoo them will cause a buildup of skin cells and sebum in your lash line - leading to and causing a spectrum of serious eye infections ranging from 'Styes' and 'Blepharitis' though to the follicular parasite 'Demodex Folliculorum'.
  2. After washing your face in the shower, take a little of your chosen cleanser and water and create a light foam in the palm of your hand. Pick up some of the foam between your thumb and index finger and gently press though your lashes with a repetitive, vertical pinching motion working from the bases to the tips; being sure not to pull, tug or roll your lashes between your fingers. Also, be sure to gently clean your eyelids with your index finger while you are there to remove any excess oil from your skin.
  3. Do not use any sort of abrasive cloths such as a washcloths, cotton squares/rounds, cotton-tips, cotton cloths, etc. to cleanse your actual lashes. These items have multitudes of loose fibers which can easily snag on and painfully pull out your extensions prematurely- possibly along with your natural lashes. Please remember your native eyelashes (not the extensions) fall out naturally and another grows back in the follicle to replace it, so don’t panic if you lose one or two extension while cleaning them. You would naturally lose 1 -5 lashes a day with or without eyelash extensions. Remember, it is when they can't shed naturally that you start running into troubles.
  4. Lastly, pat your lashes dry, brush their tips upwards with your Lash Wand and let air dry, or, simply Blow-dry them upwards from chest on the Cool and Low setting. Blowdrying your lashes sounds ultra extravagant but it is the easiest and best way to realign and fluff out your Volume Lash Extensions.
Follicle complete with Demodex Folliculorum

Follicle complete with Demodex Folliculorum

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