Alchemy Suite's signature "Lash Lift" is nothing short of Magic. Our Elleebana One-Shot Lash Lift permanently defines, curls and enhances your natural lashes for  8+ weeks, in one simple 60 minute appointment. Enjoy maintenance-free lashes that open and brighten the eye, enhancing the lashes length, shape and definition.

Alchemy Suite's Lash Lift is completely safe and will endure until your Native Eyelash is released from the follicle. (8+ weeks).

Alchemy Suite was awarded Top 16 International Finalist for the World-Wide Elleebana Lash Lift Artist Award.


  • Gives an attractive curl to straight lashes
  • Visually 'opens' the eyes for Humans whose lashes may be drooping due to reduced skin elasticity.
  • Visually 'brightens' the eyes for Humans whose genetics dictate their natural lashes grow straight
  • Stops lashes pressing against the backs of glasses, spectacles or goggles
  • Removes the need to use mascara or lash curler, saving time and effort
  • While not nessecary, oil-free Mascara can still applied on processed lashes to add even more drama.
  • Enhances the penetration and longevity of Lash Tinting
  • Perfect for holidays or the everyday
  • No maintenance or special aftercare.


Lash Lifting is a technology advancement on the well-known, older "Eyelash Perm". Unlike perming rods used in the past with Eyelash Perms, which have the high-risk over-processing and over-curled eyelashes, the new specially created silicone moulds used in Lash Lifting lift the lashes from the root only. With multiple mould shapes to choose from, Alchemy Suite will help you find the perfect shape to match both your desires and eye biology.

Lash Lifting is a completely painless and relaxing procedure that creates a subtle, yet beautiful curve to your Lashes.  Finished with an eyelash tint, our signature Lash Lift is the ultimate makeover for your Native Eyeashes, regardless of their length, with no ongoing maintenance.


If done by a well-trained and highly experienced therapist, perming is considered safe by dermatologists and doctors. 

Although every precaution will be taken to ensure your safety and well-being before, during and after  application, possible risks include irritation or damage to the orbital eye area, including the eye itself. It is only in minutely rare situations that the reaction can be severe. Irritation or a reaction may occur even when you have previously not reacted to perming solution in past appointments or at other salons. Perming is a chemical process that denatures the eyelash proteins to reshape it. Even with the proper technique, the perming solution may cause damage, breakage, frizzing or splitting of the lashes.


Please arrive to your appointment without any eye makeup.

Avoid wetting, heating, steaming or makeup on your eyelashes for 24 hours post treatment. Wash your face carefully around the eyes without soaping your eyelashes, and avoid swimming or hot steamy showers.

Eyelash perming is not available for those Humans wishing to wear extensions, however you may Perm your lashes after an Extension Removal to give your Native Eyelashes more impact.

Expect results to last 6-8 weeks, after which your eyelashes will gently relax as your permed lashes shed and regrow back in their natural state. Once grown out, your eyelashes are able to be permed again.


Tinting results in beautiful, well-defined eyelashes, and a little more free time in the morning as you may not feel the need to add mascara everyday.

We exclusively use Belmacil specialist Tints from Sweden, and carry a wide range of colour options. Our expert therapists will guide your colour selection and mix a custom blended colour specifically designed for you.

At Alchemy Suite, we take your safety very seriously. Beauty services performed near the eyes carry additional risks and have an elevated level of care. If you have never had your eyelashes tinted before, we offer a complimentary Test Patch service which should be completed 48 hours prior to minimise risk of allergic reaction to the dyes.


Designed for one-night wear, Alchemy Suite's custom Party Lash Application will instantly upgrade your Makeup game in under 30 minutes.

Alchemy Suite's selection of Premium, hand-made, knot-free Party lashes that are not only glamorous but also extremely comfortable to wear. Alchemy Suite can also double layer your bar lashes for maximum volume effect.

Tailored perfectly to your individual eye dimensions for a seamlessly beautiful fit and fixed with a professional, latex-based, skin-safe glue to your lash-line.

Perfect for those who wish to pump up the glamour for one night only without the commitment of Alchemy Suite's Volume Extensions. Please ensure your Bar Lash application is the second-last makeup component to be applied and you arrive with mascara-free lashes for maximum longevity.